A Chi University Approved MS-TCVM Research Study

Primary Investigator (PI): Amanda Levin-Russo, DVM, CTCVMP, CTPEP 

Tentatively Scheduled for 2024 

Welcome to the Tui-na Project's veterinary professional home page! We're SO glad you decided to stop by, check out our project information, and determine if this is something you and/or your practice would like to be a part of. :) 

To keep things simplified, we have outlined the most pertinent aspects of the research study below for your review. If you have questions, concerns, recommendations, OR if you're interested in participating, we would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! 

If, after your review, you find that this research project is not for you (or your team), but have another veterinary professional/hospital in mind, please feel free to pass along this website information or have them email us at

Thank you for your time and consideration! 


What is "The Tui-na Project"?

What is the significance and purpose of this research project?

What criteria are we seeking for participating hospitals and practitioners? 

What subjects are we looking for to participate in the research study (i.e. inclusion criteria)? 

What's 'in it' for the participating hospital and/or practitioner(s)? 

What's 'in it' for my clients?


Who is in charge of this project (i.e. PI or primary investigator) and is in charge of direct project oversight?

Who is aiding the PI with project development, coordination, data analysis, and submission? 


When is the project expected to begin?

The project is anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2024. Veterinary professionals and/or their hospitals will be onboarded prior to beginning the research study itself and be given an official start date. 

When do I, my staff/hospital, and my clients need to be ready to start the study?


Where does the research project take place? 

Where do the materials come from that I will be responsible for submitting?

Where do my free Tui-na videos and handouts come from? When will I receive them?

Where does my clients' honorarium come from? 


Why is this research project important? Why should I consider participating? 


How long is the study expected to take?

How do I get more information about this project if I still have questions?

How do I sign up if I'm interested in participating?